Goofy and the Regulars originated from The Mission Blues band, a band which played in several big (European) festivals and as support act to some major artists.

The band members: Ruud Junggeburth (vocals), Jan Michiel Hoog Antink (harmonica), Ron van Beijnen (guitar), Roland Bakker (Hammond), Bob Fridzema (Hammond), Jaap Dörr (bass), Roan Segers (drums) and Scott Klerkx (drums) have been together now for quite some time. Although the band’s roots are in the blues, Goofy and the Regulars work is varied. “We play an interesting mix of blues, rock, funk and pop” says singer Ruud Junggeburth.

‘Welcome To The Rat Race’ our new CD is a follow-up to our CDs ‘Flat Lands’ (2008), ‘Burning Candles’ (2005) and ‘Delayed’ (2002). As a result, with our latest album, we now have our first Live album with some strong and catchy songs which are fun and enjoyable to listen to. It perfectly captured the spirit of our live performances.